Sick elderly urged to vaccinate against flu: They won’t see it coming. „I’ve been going to Disneyland every fall,“ she said with a laugh. „And it just reminds me of what it was like t카지노 게임o go to the doctor.“ The flu season began in October and lasted until April, meaning many people who don’t feel well will get sick if they do get sick this flu season. The vaccine should help prevent people like Ms. Kuehner from becoming infected with the deadly virus, which can cause paralysis, fatigue and a weakened immune system. Although the flu virus has been eliminated from Canada, there are reports of Americans being diagnosed with the virus after riding on buses carrying passengers infected with t골목he flu. But the flu vaccine does not prevent these cases, doctors say. While the vaccine is not recommended for people who have had some flu shots, doctors say it is still an effective way to help some get better, particularly in young and healthy people who may not have any symptoms from the vaccine. If you’re thinking about getting the vaccine, health-care providers suggest you do two additional things to take the right precautions before you come back to get the shot: Be careful not to spread the virus to any contacts of your household who might get sick or who you may have not vaccinated. Use a nasal spray or a nasal spray bag to prevent exposure to your nasal cavity. Use a hand-held or hand-held device that can be used to measure the temperature of the vaccine as it is delivered or placed in a nasal cavity. Get vaccinated in the morning after each dose for the best chance of protection and to help get better with symptoms. To make sure your family is healthy before giving you the vaccine and will keep you up to d골목ate on how it feels, see the vaccine and vaccine-preventable-disease information from Canada’s Department of Public Health at or call 1-800-823-1222. If you live with someone who has the flu and feel the flu is coming on a regular basis, tell your health-care provider it’s not something you have to worry about. The flu vaccine isn’t always safe — it can cause serious side effects for people who don’t properly absorb and use it. The flu vaccine and the H1N1 influenza vaccine are currently available from Canadian companies like the company Ubiq, Tylenol (Tylenol S and Co. Lt